Pet Grooming

For Pet Grooming, keeping a pet clean and hygienically groomed is paramount. We not only want our animals to be healthy, but also beautiful. Skin and coat care will be vital for a Groomer.

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In the following list you can find post of dogs, cats, and also accessories. Click on an image to see more information.

Basic Dog Grooming

Caniche despues de su tratamiento de Pet Grooming


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Tijeras Doradas TUMI, herramientas imprescindibles para pet grooming

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Brushing a dog is a routine process that well done brings us beautiful fruits, because a well groomed dog makes us want to have him around.

The ideal accessory for brushing is found after a medium meditation of the needs we face, so we will choose the right tools. Whether for woolly hair, or short, maybe even hard hair.

Trabajando profesionalmente en Pet Grooming
Here at Pet Grooming Club we will help you on your way to become a Groomer and learn all the basics about this new world of animal grooming.
As much as possible, we will give you the information and tools to know a little more about this world of Pet Grooming.


The moment a dog gets on the work table, it is treated with the purest love that professional groomers can give. Pet grooming is a comforting trend that has in its goals to take care of our pets.

Having a clean animal is, by all means, more pleasant to caress and pamper. Otherwise, bad smells and dirt on the skin can repel our desire to give love to an animal.

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Our mission is to spread all the knowledge about pet grooming in order to help a better care of pets at home. They deserve it.

This is not only about canine or feline grooming. It is professional and stylized pet grooming in types of cuts, techniques and cosmetics.

Each pet breed must be treated in a unique and special way. Taking into account its morphology, or type of coat.

The priority of Pet Grooming is the aesthetic health of our pets.

We will disseminate accurate, useful and quality information on how to start in this world of pet grooming.

Poodle en sesión de grooming canino

Do pets need to go to a salon?

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In general, dogs tend to get dirtier than other pets. In their long hair they bring dirt particles that can contaminate the house where they live.

Hair loss is also an indicator that our pets need a little help.

Seeing them wagging their tails and getting excited about our arrival will be more comfortable if they are clean and well cared for. Don’t forget their health comes first.

On the other hand, cats have certain cleaning habits. Very different from dogs, they don’t like to be dirty.

In fact, if you’ve raised a cat yourself, you’ll know they’re good groomers. Not only do they sleep, play and eat, they also groom themselves.

For many reasons our pets should have their grooming session, wanting to hug your dog and have it smell funny is not a very pleasant thing to do.

Pet Grooming puts Health first

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Yes, as you read, the most important thing will always be the health of our pet, being clear that we must take care of his skin, fur, ears and food. To see a healthy dog is to see a happy dog. And while our pet is happy, we will be happy.

Many animals have hereditary diseases due to their breed or others, but we can help to make their suffering not so painful.

For professional Groomers the condition and health status of an animal is important and that’s where we start.