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Schnauzer’s beard: Cleaning and maintenance

Publicado el: Wednesday, May 24

Schnauzers are shaggy dogs, but their beards can be even messier. The best way to make a dog feel better is to pet it, but you can’t pet a beard. Therefore, you will need to learn how to properly care for your schnauzer’s beard, as it needs special attention.

If you have a Schnauzer at home, chances are you’ve wondered “how to keep his beard coat well groomed”. Here are some tips that might be helpful for your pet.


Did you know that Schnauzer comes from the German “Schnauze”? Translated into our language, this refers to the pet’s muzzle. And the fact is that these animals are one of the most popular breeds among dogs. In fact, one of their most characteristic features is their beard, which has a very peculiar style. This feature, which is part of their heritage, can collect food, garbage and, sometimes, unpleasant odors: cleaning it daily should be part of their routine.

These adorable dogs can be found in different sizes, such as: mini, medium and giant. On the other hand, their color can also vary between gray, white or black.

Like all pets, Schnauzers require special attention, especially when it comes to cleaning and caring for their beard. Therefore, it should be taken into account that their characteristic coat requires washing at least once a month; otherwise, they can suffer from skin allergies.

Likewise, it is also important to brush them constantly. In general, at least once a week to keep their coat looking its best. Obviously, the ideal is to brush with a comb suitable for dogs. You should also remember to clean your pet’s muzzle frequently.

Does your pet smell like a skunk? Here we explain how to get rid of that stench.

Have you ever wondered why your Schnauzer’s beard gets dirty easily? Could this be linked to bad odor? The truth is yes. The beard of this dog breed is more exposed to accumulate dirt. Because our pets use their sense of smell to know their environment, they get close to food or garbage, grass or dirt; therefore it is common that a kind of stench can be formulated in their coat.

On the other hand, Schnauzers also dirty their beard while eating. As their mouth is surrounded by all their whiskers, it is normal that food remains get stuck between their hairs. Therefore, we can notice how their beard gets dirtier and dirtier when they finish eating.

Schnauzer's beard gets dirty

Keep in mind that this is common and sometimes unavoidable. Moreover, if our dog eats wet food, he is more likely to stain his beard easily. So, what should be done in this type of situation?

  1. First of all, after a walk in the park or a stroll with your pet, when you return home, be sure to wipe his body, especially his beard, with wet wipes. You can use baby wipes that do not contain alcohol; however, nowadays there are special wet wipes for pets.
  2. After every bath you give your pet, dry him thoroughly. In addition, you can choose to apply a little bit of special perfume for dogs.
  3. Finally, brush them regularly. This will not only remove dust, dead hair and dirt, but will also remove the bad odor.

Daily beard grooming: the only correct way

In itself, all the Schnauzer’s coat is prone to knots and tangles. Thus, the best way to prevent this is through constant brushing and, of course, daily grooming of the beard and the entire coat.

While our pet is between 12 to 15 months old, daily grooming should go hand in hand with brushing. This is because, during this stage, there is a constant shedding of the coat. In other words, as a new coat is growing, it should be avoided that it gets entangled with the old one, so that only the coat destined for our Schnauzer’s adulthood remains.

Once these months have passed, daily grooming and brushing need not be daily. However, the routine of doing it at least three times a week should be maintained.

Although at first it may be a little unsettling for the pet, with the passage of time it will get used to the grooming rhythm. It should be noted that this routine is not only necessary for a healthy coat, but it is also a habit that allows disciplining the pet’s behavior.

 Schnauzer's coat is prone to knots and tangles

What should I use?

All dogs need proper hygiene. Although the accumulation of dirt or other substances in the beard is not at all dangerous, over time, it can facilitate the accumulation of bacteria. So, being in contact with your mouth, it is easier for dirt from the beard to easily get inside.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to clean your Schnauzer’s beard, it is recommended that you have the following elements at hand:

Dog brush

The easiest and simplest way to groom your Schnauzer’s beard is to brush his mustache, especially every time he comes back from a walk or finishes a meal. This will prevent dirt from accumulating in their fur. We recommend not to use a brush with very hard bristles, since it is a delicate area and it is easy to damage it. Buy here.

Wet wipes

Since it is not always possible to bathe the dog, a good option is to clean it with towels. In this way, we will be able to remove the dirt by gently rubbing the wet wipes on the dirty locks of fur. Of course, the ideal option is to have wet wipes that do not contain any type of alcohol, since the pet can lick its fur. Buy here.


First of all, it is important to take into account that a dog’s skin is completely different from ours. Therefore, using a type of substance that is not suitable for them could be harmful.

On the other hand, professionals and veterinarians recommend using a shampoo, both for their hygiene and to cure their coat. Whether it helps to eliminate foreign bodies, dust, parasites, scabs or to moderate itching, a shampoo will be very useful. buy here.


On the other hand, you can also remove dirt from the beard with some kind of sponge. Thanks to this element, we can clean his whiskers by applying a little water, and, if required, add a drop of shampoo. With this mixture you will be able to easily remove any dirt found on the muzzle. buy here.

How often should I brush my Schnauzer’s beard?

Our pet’s coat should be our main concern. Providing proper care, contributing to a healthy appearance, distributing the natural oils found in the coat itself, activating its circulation, preventing tangles and, when it is in the moulting season, making it easier for the old coat to give way to the new one, are some of the benefits of brushing our pets.

For Schnauzers, most of which have long coats, it is advisable to brush them daily. All with the objective of avoiding the formation of tangles. The ideal brush for these pets are those with rounded bristles on one side and stiffer bristles on the other. Both work in tandem, so they will help remove tangles, pull out dead fur, and provide softness and shine.

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Tips for keeping your pet’s beard clean

It is very important to regularly care for your schnauzer’s beard, and it can be hard work. You will need to control the thick tufts between the coat and the skin, otherwise they will become increasingly difficult to remove. Keeping them short can also prevent bacteria buildup.

That’s why here are some tips that might be helpful for the proper care of your pet:

Bathe your pet periodically

Bathing or washing our pet periodically is one of the main points to take into account. Like all pets, dogs have hair all over their bodies and they are more prone to accumulate dirt in each of their walks.

However, a balance must be found in terms of their baths, since excessive bathing could also be detrimental. In general, long-haired breeds, such as the Schnauzer, tend to bathe every 4 weeks.

Likewise, during this moment of relaxation for our pet, we can take advantage of the occasion to clean his beard well, and, at the same time, avoid getting water in his eyes and ears.


Schnauzers should be taken to the grooming salon or veterinarian for a haircut from time to time. If you don’t have some experience, don’t try to do it at home, because if your pet is restless, you could damage his whiskers or beard.

Also, keep in mind that your dog is likely to be restless or a bit fussy. Usually, if you grab him by the head to try to trim his beard, he will try to escape. That is why it is advisable to leave it in the hands of a professional groomer.

Frequent brushing

While it is true that some dogs need to be brushed more than others, the Schnauzer’s case is somewhat special. They may have a short to long coat all around their body, but specifically their beard and whiskers require an ideal treatment. Therefore, this is the area where we should brush more frequently.

Avoid using bleaching products

It can be a bit annoying to see our pet with dirty beards and whiskers. Don’t despair! With a little cleaning and extra care, it will return to its color. But above all, don’t try to apply any kind of human bleaching product on your Schnauzer’s coat.

pet's beard clean

Cleaning of the mouth and surroundings

The tear ducts, mouth and its surroundings of our pets tend to get dirty very easily. Sometimes, this can happen due to secretions that affect the coat or because our pet sniffs everything around it.

In both cases, these areas require daily care and cleaning. To do this, just wet a towel or cloth and gently wipe the tear ducts at least once a day. In addition, remove the drool that could accumulate in the corners of the muzzle of our pet.

Good nutrition and hydration

To preserve our pet’s coat, it takes more than just constant brushing and bathing. Without going too far, good nutrition and hydration will also contribute to the cause.

Choose to give your pet foods rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Any quality food will help your Schnauzer keep its coat in good condition. Likewise, the consumption of water also contributes to bring shine to his coat. The opposite would be true for a pet that does not consume enough water.

Pets are our pets, and if we want to provide them with a good quality of life, we should be concerned about their appearance as well as their health. Remember that a well cared for pet will bring joy and happiness to your whole family.

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